Demi in Art 110

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Wk14 – Art Experience – Instagram Day

On Wednesday, November 30th, both Art 110 classes participated in posting photos throughout the day on Instagram using the hashtag #art110f16. Up until I got to class at 1pm, I realized I had been using the wrong hashtag lol. I was using #art110OF16 and was confused as to why I only saw my posts and maybe two others. For this activity, I made a new Instagram so I would not spam my other account with things I would not regularly post. On my new account, “koisurudemi” (which is a reference to AKB48’s song Koisuru Fortune Cookie) I posted random things that I liked. I actually really liked posting random things even if they got no likes so I might keep this account and post pictures that are not relevant to my main account.

As I went through the hashtag, I had fun seeing what everyone else was posting. My personal favorite pictures were pet pictures and seeing what kind of drinks people got at Starbucks. I did feel a sense of community looking through all the pictures because for the most part, we were all on campus that day taking pictures of recognizable places or things and it was interesting seeing these photos from different perspectives. I thought this was a fun activity and I enjoyed seeing what my classmates do outside of class.



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Wk14 – Classmate Conversation – Cindy Le

This week I met Cindy Le! She is a currently second year and a Prebiology major. Her hobbies include drawing and playing the violin. She specifically draws anime or animals and has been playing the violin for seven years. She also enjoys gaming such as the recent Pokemon games. Random fact, she chose the grass type Pokemon, Rowlette as her starter! Cindy commutes from Westminster and doesn’t drive like myself lol. I asked her what her favorite food was and she said that she can eat anything, but was currently craving sushi at the time of class. Her favorite color is blue and plays badminton sometimes. We also talked a bit about what anime we like! We both enjoy sports themed anime. In the year 2036, Cindy believes that the tuition will be super expensive. I honestly would not be surprised if that turns out to be the case lol.

Here is the link to Cindy’s blog: