Demi in Art 110

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Wk15 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

00123The last art activity for the semester was finger painting. In the art kit we were provided with three tiny pots of paint and a large poster paper. The colors I got were black, pink, and orange. I was really happy I got pink because it is my favorite color! I honestly did not know how to even begin finger painting so I just put most of the paint on a paper plate and then had another plate of water to clean off my fingers sometimes.00124I started with the black paint first because there was so much of it and for some reason the orange paint I had was a little dried up so I could not use much of it like I did with the black and pink. 0015As for the actual finger painting, I originally started just doing random strokes and swirls on the paper with the paint and eventually begin smearing it to make it less “heavy.” After a while I wanted to do simple drawings so I drew a sun with all the colors given to me, a pink bunny to represent D.Va from the game Overwatch, a heart, a circle, and then wrote my name to “sign” my work.  I also realized that the colors I had could make a sunset so I tried to blend the colors into each other but I think the black came out too harsh against the orange.00114I think this was a fun experience just because I never get to play or create with paint. Whenever I draw it’s usually on random notebook paper with a pencil or pen so being able to use paint and my fingers was different. I thought the experience of making something with no subject was easy. I did not feel restrained to try and imitate something that I’ve seen and was able to freely just paint what I felt.00113This finger painting is pretty different, yet similar from our graffiti writing activity because with the latter, we had to write our names with paint and with the former we are free to just draw. In fact, I think this may be the most art-like activity in this Art 110 class that I was expecting to do lol! It was still similar in the sense that we were just creating our own art though. I had fun with this activity and would be willing to do it again for fun!