Demi in Art 110

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Wk11- Classmate Conversation – Monica Lock


This week at the SOA Galleries I met Monica! She is currently a third year business major. Monica was born and raised in Long Beach and is Cambodian like myself! She took one class in Khmer at CSULB. She can speak basic Khmer while I can only understand very little Khmer lol. We asked each other what kind of sports we participated in and in high school, Monica did badminton. Her favorite type of food is pasta (yum!). My favorite type of food is fruit and more specifically, strawberries. The funny thing is that while I love strawberries, Monica hates it and my least favorite fruit is apples and that is her favorite lol! I asked Monica what her go to drink is at Starbucks and it is a caramel macchiato upside down. She only drinks coffee on the weekends though because once she drinks coffee, she can’t sleep the next day so she drinks it when she can afford to lose sleep. Also like myself, Monica is deathly afraid of driving! The difference between us though is that she actually drives still and commutes to school. She has taken the bus before and probably prefers that to driving lol. Her favorite color is purple, but does not really wear it. About the topic of the Demi Lovato fan art, Monica has actually never drawn or looked at fan art so she didn’t really have an opinion to the topic. Monica’s favorite quote that she tries to live by is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Here is the link to Monica’s blog:


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Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Daniela Ionescu

Exhibition Information


Artist: Daniela Ionescu
Exhibition: La Blouse Roumaine – Cultural Identity/Art/Fashion
Media: Clothing, textiles, photography
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A                                                                                                                                            Facebook:

About the Artist

Daniela Ionescu is a graduate student in her last semester at CSULB currently pursuing her Masters in Art History. She is originally from Romania and came to America after she got married and her son was born. She has had a passion for art history since the 6th grade. Her parents wanted Daniela to be an accountant, but after a while she realized she hated it so she went back to school. She changed her major three times because majoring in art history won’t bring in money, but stuck with it because you can eventually find a way to make things work. Daniela’s ultimate goal is to work at LACMA Textiles or a Romanian museum where her work is inspired from.

Formal Analysis

At first glance, Daniela’s gallery is very simple. There are pieces of clothing all along the three walls and also fabric hanging down in-between. The clothes were displayed on either wooden poles or mannequins. The base color of these pieces all seemed to gravitate towards white or beige and after that they became more colorful. The intricate details were also very eye catching.There is so much precision that these pieces undergo that you can tell that each piece has their own story and background.

Content Analysis

Synthesis / My Experience

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Wk10 -Art Experience – Fiber Art Social Network

This week we created a wall of networks inside of Professor Zucman’s office. It was crowded and a bit hectic to move around the small room, but it was fun to casually talk with my classmates that were inside at the same time as me.

0014I placed my photo in the corner of the room. I did not have any black strings attached to anyone because I did not know anyone from before this class. I had a lot of red string because of the classmate conversations and one white one from sketching in the Japanese garden with Raylyn.

img_6178I made a chart similar to the one in the office in my sketchbook. I placed myself in the center of the page and listed names from my family, friends, significant other, etc. The blue is all my family relationships. Also with this, I drew lines for everyone’s relationship, not just myself with them which is why there are so many blue lines everywhere lol. The green lines indicate friendships, red for romantic relationships, and pink for acquaintances.

0015I apply the term “Social Network” to my real life and real life friends. I want to see what my friends are up to so that is why I use social network for them. I think that Dunbar’s Number does make sense. In the age of social media, it is getting harder and harder to truly make a connection with someone. For myself, I find it hard to keep up with multiple people so it makes sense to me that we can only have 150 meaningful relationships. To have over 1,000 Facebook friends mean that you only know them. You add each other simply because you know each other. If I had that many Facebook friends I would expect them all to be acquaintances and not much more. The Social Networks that I visualized for Art 110 and personally did not surprise me. I got what I expected and did not realize anything new. I would like to have about 10 close relationships in my life, aside from family. More than that would be too much to handle and it seems like being social would be tiring instead of fun. Not everyone on my social media are my real friends. I follow them and vice-versa mostly out of courtesy as long as I know who they are or have an idea. If it is a random account or fake profiles I just decline the request. I use these weak ties to promote things for myself. I recently promoted a fundraising event for my cheer team and also I recruit through my social platforms for clubs.

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Wk9 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

I made my art care package for my boyfriend! I thought he would be the funnest to make an art care package for so that is why I chose him. I thought of this as if we were in a long distance relationship (we live like five minutes away from each other lol) and I was sending him things to remind him of us and stuff I enjoyed. 0012Firstly, I wrote him a letter. I won’t share the contents, but I have not written a handwritten letter since high school. Then I chose to send him pictures of us in high school. One the far left is our photobooth strip from our prom and the other picture is us with our favorite math teacher on graduation day. She is our favorite because she helped us like math and we became close thanks to her lol. On the right are two of our many movie tickets that I have. We enjoy going to the movies for dates and he doesn’t want to keep the tickets so I have them all stored somewhere.

0011Next we have these Archie Comics! I grew up reading these and I would say they basically taught me how to read from a very young age. Over ten years later, I still read these practically everyday because my family has a bunch stacked in our bathroom haha! My boyfriend has read just a few of my comics so I think he would read more if he actually had some of his own.

0013The last two items I will send are these two CD’s from my favorite Japanese pop groups: Dream5 and Morning Musume. I own about five CD’s total so they are very precious to me. These are not my boyfriend’s taste at all, but it would definitely remind him of me so perhaps he would listen to them once in a while!


I think sending an art care package is similar to a Snapchat because of how random the items I sent were. On Snapchat I often send really random things to my friends about the drink I am drinking, cute and ugly selfies, some funky clouds, etc. In general, I don’t think too much about what I am sending someone on Snapchat, I just want them to see something that I thought was interesting or funny. An art care package is different from Snapchat because of the physical aspect. These are all things that you can hold in your own hands and the contents of these items can vary. With Snapchat, you are often sending things that are in the current, but with this art care package, you can send things from yesterday or even five years ago. I think that there is so much more that goes into an art care package because it takes time to put one together and you want the the recipient to enjoy the contents so you spend time to find the perfect things to send. I think ephemera is precious and does gain value over time! I enjoy looking at old random things so if I happened to stumble upon my grandma’s parking ticket from half a century ago, I would appreciate it. There is just so much memory in these kinds of things that makes them hard to let go of. I think I may become a hoarder in the future haha! If I gave my grandkids the bead bracelet I wore at Coachella, they might think of it as a cool, vintage fashion item. Trends from years ago repeat all the time and go through a cycle so I think my grandkids may like the bead bracelet I give them. I think there is a difference between the art seen by many people, like a painting in the Museum of Modern Art, and art that is seen by few, like the art care package you send to someone. Art seen by everyone has no personal connection. There might be the feeling of being able to relate, but I do not think that it is similar to sending an art care package to one person. An art care package is so much more intimate and personal which makes it different from public art. I think the time difference between sending a Snapchat and an art care package does mean something. Both can be random and have the person feeling surprised, but I think there is more surprise in the art care package. Fast can be better to get your message across faster, but slow can be better too to have the recipient feeling more surprised. I think an art care package contains a different kind of love than sending a Snapchat. There is a more genuine feel and the person will know that you are really thinking of them.


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Wk9- Artist Conversation – Carmina Correa

Exhibition Information

Artist: Carmina Correa
Exhibition: A Beach in Symmetry and A Breach in Symmetry
Media: Mixed Media, Sugar
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West, Gatov East
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

0018Carmina Correa is an undergraduate student in the CSULB School of Art working towards her BFA in sculpture. This is her final year here and she would like to go to graduate school eventually at either UCSD, UCI, or UCB because they are great research schools. Carmina’s professional career goal is fabricating for other artists. She works in 3D modeling and has taken a 14in scale model and made it 14ft and would like to continue doing that kind of stuff. This gallery is a collection of works between three artists and within it, two belong to Carmina: the sugar piece and the confessional box. These pieces are inspired by Carmina’s Filipino-American background and her being Type 2 Diabetic. This is her first gallery within the student galleries, but has done many others.

Formal Analysis

0015The first piece I saw was the sugar piece. I was confused as to what it was at first, but when I talked to her I understood it. When the show opened on Sunday, it was originally clear, but now it is melting, dragging, and fogging so the color and form has changed because it is water soluble. To make this, Carmina created a silicone mold, cast hard sugar into the mold, and then let it set into a slab. Each layer took about an hour each to complete. When making sugar pieces, the artist allocated 24 hours straight to make them because it is important to her personal practice. Also, I do not have a strong sense of smell so I did not notice it, but I heard my classmates talking about why it smelled sweet in that general area where the piece was and when we found out it was sugar we understood why.

The next piece that Carmina did was the confessional booth. It was located in the corner of the gallery straight from the door entrance. You walk in on the side of the back wall through a black curtain, and then step onto a small platform to view the inside contents. At first you will only see the religious figure through the diamond shaped hole, but upon closer look, you will see a wide array of fun and entertaining dolls and items from anime, Disney, cartoons, other shows, and then religious candles. Concerning the exterior, everything seemed to be made of wood.

Content Analysis

Synthesis / My Experience

I included pictures of the other works in the gallery by  Sam Medeiros and Nicholas OConnell because I think it is important to see how Carmina Correa’s works was cohesive with theirs. My favorite piece from Carmina was the confessional booth because I have a strong affection for the things inside such as the Sailor Mercury body pillow, the same Rilakkuma doll that I have, the Totoro doll, the pastel yellow alpaca, the Duffy bear, and the Winnie the Pooh and Stitch tsum tsums. When I first walked into the confessional booth I was super excited by myself because I recognized all these items. I can relate to the artist’s work because I am the type of person to keep everything to myself and rarely talk to anyone about my “confessions.” This is where I find comfort in my large collection of stuffed animals or extremely close people. I should have taken a picture of the sugar piece from a different angle because when you look below the top layer, it looks super cool the way it is collapsing and breaking in some parts. I also think that it is super commendable of Carmina to work with sugar as a material to keep her away from sugar due to her disease. It takes a lot of self control and diligence to just do the job for 24 hours straight without getting sidetracked. I hope I can be more like that someday lol.

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Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Tommy Duong

This week I met Tommy! Tommy is a second year at CSULB like myself, is from Westminster, and double majors in social work and health science. He currently does not have a dream job and is still thinking about what he would like to do. At the Japanese garden, I noticed that he had a big camera with him so I asked him if it was his hobby and he said that photography is one of his hobbies. Tommy’s other hobbies include graphic design and gaming. He plays Overwatch like me and I asked if he likes Pokemon because there is a new one coming out, but Tommy said that he can’t get into Pokemon anymore lol. I can kind of agree though, after so many generations of Pokemon, the hype does die down just a little bit. Another thing that we have in common is that we are the youngest of our siblings. Tommy is the youngest of three brothers while I am the youngest of five siblings. The question of the week that we asked each other was, “Would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? Why or why not?” Tommy answered that he would be supportive because no matter what they are your kid, but would still discourage them a little because a career in art is so unpredictable.

Here is the link to Tommy’s blog:

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Wk8 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This week we went to the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden at the school to sketch! At first I was a bit overwhelmed of what to draw because of all the leaves and bushes there were, but once I sat down in front of the zen garden and started drawing, it got easier.

img_5602These were my first two sketches. The leaves on my first sketch of the zen garden look very sparse compared to the actual scene, but it got tedious very fast lol. My favorite things about the first sketch are the rocks and the shape of the tree. The long hedge is hard to identify by the picture itself, but I think it’s decent. The little gate at the edge of the zen garden was fun to draw though!

img_5222img_5603The next thing I sketched was this pathway with an umbrella. I drew this because I really liked the shape of the umbrella. However, my umbrella is much more round and not as flat as the one in real life. I focused mostly on the umbrella so I did not draw much of the surrounding bushes except for the ones with some flowers on it.

img_5223img_5604The last things I sketched was the bridge and a scene to the left of the tree that is not pictured. The bridge was a bit hard to draw because there were so many people on it and I was looking at it from afar so I could not capture accurate details. The last picture is my favorite because I prefer drawing people. While drawing, I saw a girl sitting on a rock next to the lake in front of me so I decided to draw that image at the end. I did not take a picture of her because I didn’t want to be creepy lol.

img_5226I also drew a picture of this lion statue near the entrance, but it’s so bad that it’s embarrassing so I chose not to post it. I think this is a good place to draw randomly or get inspiration so I may come back eventually. This activity was pretty relaxing and it also happened to be my first time at the Japanese Garden so it was a fun new experience!