Demi in Art 110

Wk9 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

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I made my art care package for my boyfriend! I thought he would be the funnest to make an art care package for so that is why I chose him. I thought of this as if we were in a long distance relationship (we live like five minutes away from each other lol) and I was sending him things to remind him of us and stuff I enjoyed. 0012Firstly, I wrote him a letter. I won’t share the contents, but I have not written a handwritten letter since high school. Then I chose to send him pictures of us in high school. One the far left is our photobooth strip from our prom and the other picture is us with our favorite math teacher on graduation day. She is our favorite because she helped us like math and we became close thanks to her lol. On the right are two of our many movie tickets that I have. We enjoy going to the movies for dates and he doesn’t want to keep the tickets so I have them all stored somewhere.

0011Next we have these Archie Comics! I grew up reading these and I would say they basically taught me how to read from a very young age. Over ten years later, I still read these practically everyday because my family has a bunch stacked in our bathroom haha! My boyfriend has read just a few of my comics so I think he would read more if he actually had some of his own.

0013The last two items I will send are these two CD’s from my favorite Japanese pop groups: Dream5 and Morning Musume. I own about five CD’s total so they are very precious to me. These are not my boyfriend’s taste at all, but it would definitely remind him of me so perhaps he would listen to them once in a while!


I think sending an art care package is similar to a Snapchat because of how random the items I sent were. On Snapchat I often send really random things to my friends about the drink I am drinking, cute and ugly selfies, some funky clouds, etc. In general, I don’t think too much about what I am sending someone on Snapchat, I just want them to see something that I thought was interesting or funny. An art care package is different from Snapchat because of the physical aspect. These are all things that you can hold in your own hands and the contents of these items can vary. With Snapchat, you are often sending things that are in the current, but with this art care package, you can send things from yesterday or even five years ago. I think that there is so much more that goes into an art care package because it takes time to put one together and you want the the recipient to enjoy the contents so you spend time to find the perfect things to send. I think ephemera is precious and does gain value over time! I enjoy looking at old random things so if I happened to stumble upon my grandma’s parking ticket from half a century ago, I would appreciate it. There is just so much memory in these kinds of things that makes them hard to let go of. I think I may become a hoarder in the future haha! If I gave my grandkids the bead bracelet I wore at Coachella, they might think of it as a cool, vintage fashion item. Trends from years ago repeat all the time and go through a cycle so I think my grandkids may like the bead bracelet I give them. I think there is a difference between the art seen by many people, like a painting in the Museum of Modern Art, and art that is seen by few, like the art care package you send to someone. Art seen by everyone has no personal connection. There might be the feeling of being able to relate, but I do not think that it is similar to sending an art care package to one person. An art care package is so much more intimate and personal which makes it different from public art. I think the time difference between sending a Snapchat and an art care package does mean something. Both can be random and have the person feeling surprised, but I think there is more surprise in the art care package. Fast can be better to get your message across faster, but slow can be better too to have the recipient feeling more surprised. I think an art care package contains a different kind of love than sending a Snapchat. There is a more genuine feel and the person will know that you are really thinking of them.



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