Demi in Art 110

Wk6 – Art Experience – Zines and Flip Books

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This week we made zines or flip books! I chose to do a flip book because I would consider myself more of a drawer than a writer and even then I’m still very average lol. I originally drew a girl changing poses but it became too complicated to keep the drawing of the girl consistent so I changed ideas. I then chose to do a couple in a heart shaped air balloon going out of this world! An extremely outrageous date, but why not! šŸ˜€ They start from the grass on the ground and go all the way up out of the milky way. I know the setting shifts from daytime to nighttime suddenly but let’s just call it artistic license lol. The hardest part of making this was keeping the drawings consistent such as the heart balloon. I used the index cards we bought in our art kit and cut them in half to make the flip book. When I finished drawing, I stapled it in the top corner to bind it all together. In the end, it was hard to flip through it fast, but I thought it still came out nicely! If I changed anything, I would make the scenes more detailed and have the couple have actual expressions like real people haha.

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