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Wk5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

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The art activity for this week was to spray paint our names in bubble letters. I often try to do bubble letters to make a word pop, but it hardly turns out well. I think this is one of those instances where it isn’t really accurate bubble letters. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have the pink and copper cans since I am a fan of these colors! For this project, I only used the ultra skinny cap in level 1 due to my somewhat small surface areas.

img_4337This is my first attempt at this project. I used a piece of cardboard that fabric is wrapped around from Jo-Ann’s. Soon after I finished painting my name with the pink color, I realized everything was not going to fit properly and it would instead just look messy. I set off into my house looking for other pieces of cardboard to use and stumbled upon recycled wrapping paper. The paper was rolled up when I found it so I had to try and hold it down with objects around me such as the spray paint cans, a water bottle, and a random rope thing.

img_4345This time, I started with the copper color so the pink color would make it pop out especially since the copper was very close to the brown cardboard color. Even though I had a bigger surface to work on, I still crowded all the letters together for some reason.

After letting the copper color dry a bit, I started outlining my name with pink. Even with the level 1 cap, the paint came out thicker than I wished. After I finished outlining in pink, I went back with the copper and repainted the insides because I was very messy and sprayed in areas I was not supposed to within the letters lol. In this third picture above, my letter “m” became something else so this is also why I went in with the copper again.

img_4399In the middle of this project, the fumes of the spray paint cans really started to bother me so I found some of our disposable Daiso mask meant to block out dust, but it did a decent job here. On an unrelated note, if you are wondering about my attire and face paint, I had just finished volunteering at the 17th Annual Team Spirit Long Beach Breast & Ovarian Cancer 5K with my CSULB Club Cheer team! I really needed a nap at this point (it is about 1 P.M. here) since I had been awake since 5 A.M. but I wanted to finish this as soon as possible. When I finished with the copper again, I picked up the paper to take a picture with it, but realized I picked it up too quickly so it did not get to dry and so there are little spots where you can see the paint dripping. I put it back down and spent about thirty minutes doing something else while it dried.


This is my finished product! I am satisfied with how it turned out. I think the copper color would have been much better against a different background color because it blends in so much here, but I worked with what I had lying around. I think this color combination would look absolutely stunning against a white background or anything not light brown lol. This was my very first time working with spray paint cans so I think it is easy to tell how amateur my work is. I doubt I even used up half of the cans so I am excited to find a future use for them! I would like to try using a bigger surface area to paint on next time so I don’t jumble the letters so close to each other. I also want to try a bigger surface area so I can try using the other spray paint caps since I was only able to use one of them here for each part. Overall, this picture was a little tough to do at first however, it became fun really fast!



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