Demi in Art 110

Wk4 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

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The art activity for this week was automatic drawing. I was initially very excited when I heard what this project was because it was going to be different actually making art with someone. I asked my boyfriend to do this project with me because we hardly do creative stuff like this so it would be something different for us. He came over to spend my birthday with me so I figured we might as well do it right away (also this post is due tonight so I needed to do it asap lol). I found some random cardboard type of thing in my house and used that to set on our knees. My room is naturally dark without the curtains open so I decided to do this in there. I used the black, green, and yellow chalk form my art kit. At first I didn’t like the combination of colors, but once I saw it on paper I came to like it. When we put the chalk in our hands we started laughing at first and couldn’t take it seriously because it felt awkward, but at some point we closed our eyes are started talking about anything. We peeked once in a while to see how it was turning out. We also accused each other of moving the chalk intentionally lol! We repeated this several times rotating through each color. In our work, I noticed that the black lines were very hash compared to the soft yellow. It might also be because we did the yellow chalk last so it was not able to come through as much as the black and green. I think our work consists mainly of curves, squiggly lines, and circles. After we felt like it was good enough we signed our names at the bottom. I thought this project was fun and unique because my boyfriend and I have almost no artistic sense. I think this was good for us to get out of our comfort zone and I could see us trying this again in the future. Now to figure out what to do with our masterpiece…



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