Demi in Art 110

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Carly Lake and May Ta

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Exhibition Information

Artist: Carly Lake and May Ta
Exhibition: Closer
Media: Mixed Media, acrylic, ink, ball point pen, watercolor, digital media, ink jet printer, gouache, pastel, clay, linoleum print, plywood, thread, prismacolor printer, micron pen, and found objects (listed is what is for everything in the gallery)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery
Instagram: sea.lake and maypta                                                                                                                   Email:

About the Artist


Partners Carly Lake and May Ta are both seniors at CSULB and are working towards their BFA in the School of Art’s Illustration program. They are graduating this semester. May will be going to grad school in a year at either UC Berkley, USC, or CSULB. She is favoring CSULB at the moment. “Closer” is their first exhibition together and it took about two months to complete. May is an international student from Vietnam and came to America to pursue art. She was originally going to pursue the STEM field, but then moved to the art field which became her passion. Her family did not agree with her decision at first, but they are now supportive of her. They have experimented with other art, but focus mainly on illustration. The artists were asked how long they have been doing art and they answered that they “knew how to draw before knowing how to write” and I think that is accurate for many artists out there.

Formal Analysis

Upon walking into the gallery, I noticed three things. Art all along the four walls, a piece in the enter of the room, and a mattress in the back. The mattress, chair, and easel were put in as personal items to develop the gallery into a “sacred space of intimate solitude.” Carly and May’s favorite pieces were “Clonal Realm” and “The Windows” (pictured below). At first glance, “Clonal Realm” looked like rainbow fingers with tangled yarn beneath it. The media utilized for this piece was plywood, clay, acrylic, and thread. The main thing I notice in the painting of this piece is that it is mostly stripes. There are also geometric shapes in many patterns and sizes. Although the painting is seemingly random, it is very cohesive and jumps from one column to the next. May’s favorite piece is six small prints within white frames to serve as windows. The media for this piece was digital media and ink jet printer. Each of the pictures had some kind of form of a person within it to personify that they were real windows. The colors in these were very neutral and natural. I say natural because I think that if you were to actually look through someone’s window, it would resemble these pictures.

Content Analysis

Synthesis / My Experience

I really loved this exhibition that Carly and May created! My favorite thing about this exhibit is that in almost every piece, there is a person. I have a hard time understanding abstract art, but I can understand people. There is so much story to tell behind these pieces of art that it makes you wonder who these people in the art are and what are their emotions? The collaboration of these artists is a collection of connection between people and ourselves. How intimate are we with other people? How intimate are we with ourselves? I believe that Carly and May’s “investigation of a balance between intimacy with others and intimacy with ourselves” is successful. It really shows through their art that these were the ideas they were trying to explore. After asking if this is the type of work they will continue with, they said that the stuff in the gallery is what they want to promote to art directors. This style is the beginning of a new stage to put out into the world and I can not wait to see more of it from them.


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