Demi in Art 110

Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Raylyn Diep

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This week I was able to talk to Raylyn! She is currently an undeclared second year, but is going to go into biochemistry eventually. She graduated from Fountain Valley High School and is a commuter like myself. Her hobby is watching Netflix and is currently watching “Dexter.” Another thing Raylyn likes to do is go to the movies. She goes every 2-3 weeks and likes superhero movies. She does not have a specific favorite food but her favorite type is Korean and Chinese food. Raylyn’s favorite color is any shade of blue! It was funny hearing that after I gave a super specific color lol. Her favorite animal is a narwhal. I love coffee, but Raylyn is definitely not a coffee fan. Her alternative to coffee is smoothies! She makes some every week. Raylyn is a Korean pop music fan and has spent a lot of money on the artists and bands that have come overseas to perform. We both really like anime and manga! Our favorite genre is shoujo. She dislikes magical girl which is one of my favorite genres, but that’s okay lol. She is also a fan of adventure type of anime such as One Piece or Fairy Tail. We both had the same recent favorite anime which was Boku Dake ga Inai Machi or ERASED. It was super popular when it was airing so I’m not surprised to find a fellow fan of it! We also talked about Japanese and Korean dramas and she recommended me a Korean drama that would make me cry every episode called “Uncontrollably Fond.” I plan to watch it eventually when I have time. We actually forgot to take our picture together on the day of our class so we were able to meet up on Friday to take one lol. Thanks Raylyn!

Here is the link to Raylyn’s blog:


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