Demi in Art 110

Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Aleah Lomeli

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This week I was able to meet Aleah! This is her first year at CSULB and she is a social work major. I was very happy to meet her because she is a fellow cheerleader! She has been doing competitive cheerleading for fourteen years and since she just turned eighteen on May 28th, that is more than half of her life which I think is amazing! Similarly, we both cheer in our free time. Cheerleading takes up so much time there really isn’t that much room to do anything else lol. Aleah’s regular order from Starbucks is a passion tea so I think I’ll try that next time. Another thing Aleah and I have in common is that we both don’t have jobs and we don’t really want one haha! Something that we are opposites in is that I am the youngest child and she is the oldest. Also, I have more brothers than Aleah, but she has more sisters than me. Aleah thinks that art is important because of the freedom an artist has to interpret their ideas the way they want to and to express themselves.

Here is the link to Aleah’s blog:


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