Demi in Art 110

Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

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IMG_3206The art activity for this week was “Landscapes with a Corpse.” I wasn’t really sure what I should have done for this such as the theme or setting, but I knew I wanted to look nice lol. I was originally going to do this in my cheerleading uniform and “die” around confetti, pom poms, and other props that would generally be considered as happy and full of spirit. This idea would have portrayed contrast and irony between a cheerleader who seemingly died happy. I was not able to go through with this  though because I was so busy whenever I was in my cheer uniform and had the props so I had to go with another idea which is how I came up with these photos you see! IMG_3226For this idea, I had no idea what to do for the setting. The areas outside of my house were all dirty and I honestly did not want to ruin any of my nice dresses just for some photos… The carpet in my living room seemed somewhat “regal” to portray the image of my death being “high class,” if that makes sense. My theme and setting for these pictures is that I was poisoned and chocked with my pearl necklaces in my house while getting ready for a fancy party.IMG_3233My favorite part of this art activity was dressing up and putting on some makeup to look glamorous. I am a beginner in makeup so I appreciate any chance to practice makeup looks on myself. I had no idea how to draw fake blood coming from the corner of my mouth so that is obviously very amateurish. In this last picture, I really like how my dress is flared out almost perfectly like a doll except my shoe ruins in a little bit. I think that I could have done more to express the idea that I was choked with my pearls such as putting some dark shadows on my neck area instead of just wearing the pearls and clutching them. Overall, I think this activity was fun and could have been better for me if I was more creative with my ideas, but I am satisfied with how these turned out.


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