Demi in Art 110

Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Roxana Chavez

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On the first day of class I had the pleasure of meeting Roxana! Roxana and I were grouped together for a portion of the class and decided to “interview” each other for the classmate conversation. I say interview in quotes because it felt more like talking to a friend instead of just asking questions and getting answers haha. Roxana is a second year and CSULB and majors in Health Care Administration. We are similar in that we both thought about doing nursing at first but couldn’t continue with it. We still wanted to help people though and decided that HCA was the best for doing that even if it is not direct help such as a doctor or nurse. Roxana doesn’t have a specific favorite color but loves neutral colors. Her hobby is also similar to one of mine! We both like to go shopping and sometimes forget to check the price tag when checking out whoops! The question that the class came up with was “Where do you draw the line at art?” and Roxana didn’t draw the line anywhere. She thinks that art is subjective and can mean anything. One person can consider some piles of junk art and one person may not so it all about personal views. I had a lot of fun getting to make a new friend in class!

Here is the link to Roxana’s blog:


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