Demi in Art 110

Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

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This week’s art activity was plaster casting. I went to the art store at school on Friday to purchase the art kit so I could be ready for the next day and was told they were all sold out of art kits and would not get more until the following Monday. I had intended to go to Seal Beach on Saturday with the rest of the class to do the project together, but since I couldn’t get the art kit in time I wasn’t able to go.

IMG_2699On Saturday afternoon I went to my local Home Depot and bought four of the five items pictured. Everything was relatively cheap and affordable as shown in the picture below. I bought the floral printed shovel at Daiso for $1.50!

IMG_2748I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with 50lbs of play sand at first, but I ended up using the whole bag. When I was at Home Depot, I asked an employee where I could find the plaster and he asked what it was for. I think he misunderstood me and thought I was going to put my hand in wet plaster like the warning on our site specifically stated not to do that haha!

IMG_2700I had my older brother assist me with this activity (the hand and feet in the picture above). It was almost impossible for me to pour the sand into the bucket. It took me multiple attempts to dig a hole and take my hand out without it falling apart. The first few times the sand was too dry so when I tried to take my hand out, the sand would just fall back inside. I added water to the bucket of sand bit by bit until the sand could stay packed together. IMG_2701The picture above is after I poured the plaster into the mold. I did not get a picture of the plaster that I mixed because my hands were so dirty that I didn’t dare touch my phone and I also needed to stir the plaster really fast so I skipped taking pictures of that process. I took too long to pour the plaster into my mold so it was a little hardened when I was pouring it which made it difficult. The plaster did not pour directly into the holes my fingers were in and at the plaster at the top of the sand spilled everywhere making it a weird flat surface instead of my wrist. I let this bucket sit outside in the sun for a little over thirty minutes then came back outside to dig the product out.

IMG_2730This is the final product. Yes, I know, what is this mess?! Where did this blob come from?! Maybe this will help…

IMG_2755This is a quick and messy outline I did on Snapchat. That blob is supposed to be my left hand with a mess of plaster at the bottom that does not accurately represent my hand lol. As you can see, I lost all my fingers and only my palm survived.

IMG_2745Here is a next day photo of me posing with my hand blob and actual hand. Overall, I found the process to be a bit confusing and difficult, especially since I did at at home without much help. I think that if I had gone to the beach with the class it would’ve been easier and turned out much more like a hand. In a ceramics class I took in high school, I made my hand with clay by simply laying my hand on a flat surface of clay and then cutting the shape of my hand out. I can tell you right now that my plaster hand looks nothing like my clay hand. If I’m feeling extra creative someday, I would try to attempt this activity again to create better molds and since the materials were relatively cheap it would not break the bank too much. Perhaps this could be a new activity for my friends and I to attempt together!


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